Leading with the Right Vision for the Church:

  1. What is eldership in the Church? (John de Hoog)
  2. The Importance of Having a “Theological Vision” for Ministry? (Gary Millar)
  3. A Gospel-Centred Vision (Murray Capill)
  4. A Contextualised Vision (Phillip Scheepers)
  5. A Missional Vision (Phillip Scheepers)
  6. Applying the Vision (Murray Capill)


Guarding Doctrine & Life:

  1. Know the Bible (John de Hoog)
  2. Know the Confessions (Martin Williams)
  3. Having Gospel Clarity (Gary Millar)
  4. Having Godly Character (Martin Williams)
  5. Fostering Spiritual Vitality (Iain Duguid)


Being Shepherds the Church:

  1. Overseeing Word & Worship (Iain Duguid)
  2. Overseeing Spiritual Health/Discipline (KJ Tromp)
  3. Overseeing the Equipping of the Saints (Gary Millar)
  4. Overseeing Care & Community (Murray Capill)
  5. Overseeing Mission (Phillip Scheepers)

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