Leadership Foundations (2 sessions)

  1. The Biblical Priority of Leadership (Craig Hamilton)
  2. Is it a gift or a skill? (Murray Capill)

Leadership Character (3 sessions)

  1. The Sacrifice, Suffering and Servanthood of Leadership (Craig Hamilton)
  2. The Humility-Courage Tension (Brian Vaatstra)
  3. The Inner-Life of a Leader Comes First (Murray Capill)

Leadership Focus (2 sessions)

  1. Pursuing Gospel Clarity Always (Brian Vaatstra)
  2. Establishing Your Values Firmly (Scott Sanders)

 Leadership Tools (7 sessions)

  1. Leading a Team (Scott Sanders)
  2. Communicating Always (Jack de Vries)
  3. Assessing Ministry Health Objectively (Jack de Vries)
  4. Resolving Conflict in Teams (Craig Hamilton)
  5. Establishing a Mentor Relationship (Andrew Grills)
  6. Understanding the Dynamics of Size & Structure (Andrew Grills)
  7. Developing Leaders as you Lead (Scott Sanders)