What is The Way?

The Way is an initiative by RTC (Reformed Theological College) aimed at growing and establishing Christians as lifelong disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many discipleship programs around, but The Way is different because the core aims of our program are, to be:

Grounded in Scripture

We believe the Bible is “God’s Word”. In it, God has revealed himself to us and only as we get to know the Bible do we get to know God. Because it is his Word, it holds authority.

Habit-forming for life

Theories and concepts are good but we need to know “how” to live as Christ-followers. Centered on encouragement, not guilt or burden, The Way seeks to give practical help on how to live for the glory of God.

Strongly relational

The key to discipleship is that it happens in community. Relationships help to influence lifestyles by encouraging and inspiring us to follow Christ.

Transformational to churches

Discipleship is not a program. It cannot be squeezed into an hour-a-week sessions. We know we are providing something that looks like another program, but our most heart-felt aim is to empower churches to change their discipleship culture, one small-group at a time.

Reformed in theological emphasis

The Way draws upon the Reformed faith tradition and is highly influenced by contributors and panelists who hold to these views. Our theological emphases could be summarised as focusing on: Scripture alone, Christ alone, Faith alone, Grace alone, God’s Glory alone.

The Way is a study program that facilitates discussion and discipleship growth in small group settings. The overwhelming feeling we wish to generate in every participant of The Way is one of encouragement, not guilt or burden.

At the heart of discipleship lies the grace of God, through Jesus Christ. We are saved by grace and we also grow by grace.

The key to effective discipleship is that it happens in community – Christians encouraging one another to live their lives to the glory of God.

In order to facilitate and promote this relational character, the program utilises video discussions with expert panelists to facilitate conversations with the course participants in their small groups. Each group is guided further by study guides containing discussion questions and Bible studies.

There is an urgency in today's Church to develop Christian maturity with material that is
high-quality, both in content and packaging.

It was out of this need that The Way was born.

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