Frequently Asked Questions

What is discipleship?

Christian discipleship is the life-long endeavour of following Jesus Christ in all spheres of life. It’s more than a weekly small group program. It’s the laying aside of “your way”, putting to death your “idols”, and following Jesus’ way of doing things. It begins with the good news that Jesus has saved people who have gone astray and adopted them into God’s family by his sacrificial death and powerful resurrection. Discipleship is a gift-to-receive through faith; and a thankful-response-to-live, by grace. Therefore it’s not the ABC of Christian living, it is the A to Z.

Who is RTC?

RTC is a reformed-evangelical theological college based in Melbourne, Australia. It aims to provide theological training that is biblically grounded, theologically robust, gospel-hearted, culturally relevant, spiritually rich and winsomely engaging.

Who should use this program?

The Way is suitable to be used by established Christians and skeptics alike, because it is a program built around dialogue and discussion. We would recommend that the program be facilitated by a small group leader who is connected to their church community and church leadership and that they have a reasonable grasp of the gospel. Small group participants could range from ages 16 and upwards and can approach the program “just as you are”.

How do I use this program?

The program is best used in a group of up to 10 people. The basic elements of the program will be a 10 minute video, a study guide and small group interaction. Weekly or fortnightly meetings are recommended to keep the program fresh and will help with accountability and encouragement. The goal of the study guide is to help you understand the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. The video helps in discussing biblical concepts of discipleship and facilitates further discussion in the group. The goal of The Way is to understand what the Bible says and to let its truth transform your heart and mind.

How much will it cost?

A church may purchase a “church-wide license” for unlimited usage at $249.95 per unit. This allows all of its small groups to gain access to the video material and downloadable study guides. Alternatively, individual small groups can purchase a “small group license” for unlimited usage at $49.95 per unit. Ministry modules are set at $249.95 since it is understood to cover church-wide ministries.

There is an urgency in today's Church to develop Christian maturity with material that is
high-quality, both in content and packaging.

It was out of this need that The Way was born.

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