Contributors to The Way

Dr Murray Capill

RTC Principal & Lecturer in Pastoral Ministry

Murray is originally from New Zealand where he pastored a church in Auckland for 10 years. He came to Australia in 2001 to lecture in practical theology at RTC and to continue in pastoral ministry part-time. In 2008 he became the Principal of the college. He is the author of preaching books, Preaching with Spiritual Vigour and The Heart is the Target.

Colin Marshall

Author & Vinegrowers Founder

Colin has spent the past 40 years training people in the ministry of the gospel in university and local church contexts, both in Australia and internationally. His work in the area of discipleship has been highly influential in recent years. Since the publication of The Trellis and the Vine and The Vine Project, he has been heading up Vinegrowers, a ministry aimed at helping pastors grow churches that are focused on disciple-making.

Kevin Harney

Author, Pastor & Evangelism Trainer

Kevin Harney is a local church pastor in Monterey, California, as well as an author and an international speaker in the area of personal evangelism. He does extensive speaking and training on topics such as mobilizing churches for effective outreach, leadership and how to do day-to-day evangelism in a natural way. He has authored several books, including, Organic Outreach For Ordinary People, which seeks to prepare every-day Christians to share the message of Jesus.

Marty Foord

Theologian & Church Historian

Since 2000, Marty has been working at Trinity Theological College in Perth in the areas of systematic theology and church history. He has worked as a part-time evangelist in Sydney and is involved in various local church ministries currently. Marty is passionate about thinking through the implications of the gospel for our lives, the church, and mission. He has a knack for making difficult concepts more understandable.

Dr Peter Adam

Scholar, Author & Pastor

Dr Peter Adam has served as Vicar of St Jude’s Carlton, and as Principal of Ridley College, Australia. He is well-known and highly respected as a preacher, writer and church leader. Dr Adam brings a humble and pastoral insight to his teaching and urges practical and personal discipleship of Jesus.

Murray Campbell

Pastor of Mentone Baptist & ‘The Gospel Coalition’ (Australia) Editor

Guy Mason

Lead Pastor of City on a Hill Network

Dave Groeneboom

Pastor & Church Partnership Manager with IJM (International Justice Mission)

Adam Ramsey

Pastor of Liberti Church (Carrara) & Acts 29 Australasia Network Director

Andrew Grills

Pastor of City on a Hill (Geelong)

Dr Phillip Scheepers

RTC Lecturer in Missions and Church History

Phillip joined the RTC in 2010 bringing a wealth of experience in missions and church-based training. He is originally from South Africa where he studied for the ministry and obtained his DTh. After initial work in the mission-field in South Africa, he moved to London where he worked for Veritas College for 8 years establishing training ministries for church leaders in the Arab world. That work eventually led him to Australia in 2007. At the RTC he serves as Vice-Principal, Lecturer in Missions and Church History.

John de Hoog

RTC Lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew

John originally trained at the RTC – receiving his BD in 1991. Coming from a pastoral background and having served as a pastor in CRCA churches in Sydney, Canberra and Geelong, John speaks with sincere, pastoral wisdom and a deep love for God’s Word.

Dr Martin Williams

RTC Lecturer in New Testament, Greek and Theology

Martin joined the RTC in 2012 as lecturer in Greek, Theology and New Testament. Having been engaged in mission-work in Cameroon and West Africa, he teaches with significant pastoral experience. He has a great knowledge and deep love for Puritan theology and reads and writes extensively in this area.

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