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“Discipleship Foundations”

Course Overview


The foundational course on discipleship will be made up of 4 units, of 5 sessions each, totalling 20 small group studies to be used over the course of a year.

Unit 1: Following Jesus

Fostering intimacy with Christ

  1. What is a disciple of Christ?
  2. Worshipping Jesus
  3. Obeying Jesus’ teaching
  4. Drawing near to Jesus: Spiritual disciplines
  5. Making disciples of Jesus

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Unit 2: Growing from God’s Word

Letting the Bible ‘dwell richly’ in us

  1. Why do we read the Bible?
  2. The story of the Bible
  3. How to read the Bible (Part A)
  4. How to read the Bible (Part B)
  5. Living & teaching the Bible

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Unit 3: Loving God’s People

Deepening relationships with each other

  1. What is the church?
  2. The church as a community
  3. Your part in the church
  4. Worshipping God together
  5. The church makes a difference

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Unit 4: Living the Gospel

Being moved by the good news

  1. Key concepts of the gospel
  2. Guarding the gospel from ‘gospel mathematics’
  3. The gospel moves us inwardly
  4. The gospel moves us outwardly
  5. Sharing the gospel

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Eventually, The Way will offer specialised programs which are optimised to develop Christian-discipleship in various ministry positions. This will be offered alongside the “Foundations” course.

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